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How Has COVID-19 Effected The Business?

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COVID-19 has, as we all know, made a profound impact on all of our lives over the past year. Being a signage and car wrapping business enabled us to provide essential work in the production of COVID safety signage, hand sanitisation stations and dividing screens for shops, schools and many more establishments.

When it comes to COVID safety in the work place, we have taken all precautions for staff members and customers alike to ensure safety. As well as following all government guidelines, we have additional screens in our communal kitchen area, in between all desks and walk ways.

Masks are mandatory at all times in the building unless you are behind a screen. In the workshop itself, everyone must wear facemasks, maintain a 2 meter social distance (if possible) and sanitise their hands frequently. Social distancing is also being enforced strictly around the entire facility.

In conclusion, we are doing everything we can to be safe so we can be back to normal as soon as possible. We can’t wait to see you and bring your creative ideas to life!