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Dechrome, The New Craze

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Here at Wrapstylr, we have seen a massive uptake in requests for dechroming on both the inside and outside of cars as a way to make a subtle yet impactful statement.

A Mercedes we had the honour of dechroming last week.

So, what is dechrome?

Dechrome is the process of ‘removing’ chrome from a cars appearance by wrapping them with vinyl. Opting to use vinyl eliminates the risk of paint chipping, revealing the chrome underneath. It also saves you money as wrapping is considerably cheaper than paint and it is removable causing no damage to the chrome beneath.

What about colours?

As with any kind of car modification using vinyl, you have no limit to your choices of colour or finish. The most popular choice for a dechrome is a glossy black, as seen on the Mercedes.

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